“here in eastern europe we represent globally operating logistic networks”

“we unify the flexibility of a small structured company with the power of international networking experience”


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CPN is a freight network consisting of independently owned international Freight Forwarding companies.

CPN was established in 1996 and currently has more than 100 members worldwide. Members support each other in business and are regulated by the CPN Code of Ethics and Bylaws.

The purpose of this Network is to bring together companies in the freight forwarding, logistics and customs business from around the World for global cooperation. By sharing the expertise and resources of its members, CPN acquires recognition and voice in the freight forwarding industry.

Certificate of Membership - CPN




GAIN is a network of independent freight forwarders companies with associate members from all parts of the globe, the organization aims for a strong alliance that would be reliable and able to consistently deliver excellent global services.

Established in November 1999 when eight freight forwarders from Asia meet in Hong Kong. In this first meeting was decided to develop a network of freight forwarders and the group was called APAG (Asia Pacific Alliance Group).

In 2000 the membership were extended outside the Asia Pacific region and forwarders from Europe and USA join the group.
In our last meeting Barcelona 2004, the group was extending to the Africa and South America regions with new members in these areas join the alliance.

Then the Group changes the name to GAIN Global Alliance Integrated Network and the Company was based in Sri Lanka. These independent companies continue to work together with a continuous grown to its membership, year after year, increasing the GAIN group presence in all markets.


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We are pleased to introduce you to the PCA – Premier Cargo Alliance Network, a non-exclusive Global Freight Forwarding Network for Independent Freight Forwarders, Logistic Companies and Service Providers in the Transportation Industry.

My partners and I have travelled around the globe, engaging in many one-on-one discussions regarding the challenges small to midsize companies face when competing in today’s global market, dominated by multinational companies.

We have included this knowledge into the development of the PCA Freight Forwarding Network and created user friendly products to support all aspects of our Member’s business.

All of our PCA Network features are mobile-friendly, providing efficient and immediate access between Members.

We have developed an industry-leading approach to successfully showcase your company’s strengths, products and capabilities to differentiate you from others.

PCA wishes to celebrate independent logistics companies and help you achieve great things.

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PPL NETWORKS as a dynamic network has a broadminded concept of networking. Diversity is always the key in PPL NETWORKS.
PPL NETWORKS is a visionary of its own. An Asia-based network with a Global presence and ambition.
PPL NETWORKS aims to conquer the rest of the world surely in no time.
PPL NETWORKS is a dynamic, very ambitious and fast growing global logistic network.

The PPL NETWORKS is a mix of independent air and sea freight forwarders, break bulk operators, LCL consolidators, FMCG distributors, and warehouse operators. A complete pot of third party supply chain management converging to unite and share their expertise to the network members, meanwhile expanding each of their own contacts and business portfolios.
The PeoPLe in PPL NETWORKS are experts, dynamic, professional, and reliable business partners in the world of aviation and maritime services.


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Security Cargo Network (SCN)

www.securitycargonetwork.com – is a global alliance of independent international freight forwarders who have joined together to offer superior service to shippers for their cargo at both the origin and destination points.

A Network You Can Trust
Security Cargo Network members tend to be small to medium in size, locally owned companies with hands-on management, local port knowledge and experience, and a desire to build a lasting service relationship. They take the time to get to know you and your business, going the extra mile to make certain your shipments arrive or depart without problems or delay.
And because of their network participation, Security Cargo Network members have known and trusted international counterparts on the other end of the shipment who are equally dedicated to serve your interests. Under the Security Cargo network umbrella, their cooperating agents take the same care with your shipment and your customer or vendor. A Network You Can Trust

Our 207 Members are presented with 381 Offices in 91 countries worldwide.

Our Membership in SCN
We have been accepted and enrolled on 14.9.2004.

Certificate of Membership - SCN


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World Cargo Alliance ( WCA )

is the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders. The combined logistics might of the WCA membership exceeds that even of the world’s largest multinational freight forwarders. Our members global market share is increasing significantly every single year. Dedicated entirely to providing world-beating benefits and networking opportunities to its members, WCA employs a full time staff of over 125 personnel based in eight member service and support offices around the world.

The World biggest network
is represented with more than 6070 offices in 187 countries worldwide.

Our Membership in WCA
We have been the first member of the WCA family for Austria and the Czech republic intwo of the side networks called CGLN and IGLN.

Certificate of Membership - WCA