G.A.I.N. CONFERENCE REVIEW - Colombo - October 2016

Dear valuable members, friends,

I know president Jay since a long long time. All the years I felt not being ready to join G.A.I.N., also based on the fact that there are too many networks on the market already. Jay still kept us involving into G.A.I.N. family and transferred business to us, so that the time came to join and support.

Now back to the office and looking back to a fantastic venue, perfectly organized, amazing hospitality and the most important, nice and top competent people. I am more than happy that I have decided to go for G.A.I.N. and looking forward a good business development.

Unfortunately our presentation did not work out as usual and the page under construction been due to working on a new webpage, which is ready now. Anyway sometimes the technic follows its own way and it reminds me on the two most famous words in the IT. PLUG and PLAY, which I actually re-named into PLUG and PRAY :)

But now you may have a look on our videopresentation under the following link:



Our Home is Central and Eastern Europe with an office network and 3 main gateways in use to serve all air and oceanfreight shipments.
Our other set up ECLEC Logistics – with its Head Office in Brno is taking care the warehousing, Distribution, Cross Docking and expecially weeky shuttle services to CIS and the Baltics. Any request for those Services please don’t hesitate and contact info@ecl-log.com.


We also mentioned during the meetings, that the majority of business outbound from Europe is controlled at the final destination. Consequently it is difficult for us to generate business for you. But we are holding fresh and qualified sales leads, which we are ready to share with you. We are also more than happy if you could get us some sales information as well. Our indoor sales department will take care about it.

Last but not least, it was a pleasure to meet all of you in Colombo at a great event. Very much enjoyed and hopefully see all of you again in India in 2017.

On behalf of my Team wishing you all the best and looking forward to a good cooperation and business development.

Best Regards

Reinhard SCHWARZ

Gain conference 2016 Gain conference 2016 Gain conference 2016 Gain conference 2016
Gain conference 2016 Gain conference 2016 Gain conference 2016

PPL "LOYALITY AWARD" - Ho Chi Minh City - May 2016

ILG joined its 3rd. Conference organized by PPL network and held in Ho Chi Minh City.
Proudly we received the “PPL loyality Award” handed over by the PPL President Mr. Koen ROEYERS.

PPL loyality award

PPL loyality award

PPL loyality award

PPL loyality award

PPL loyality award PPL loyality award

G.A.I.N. CONFERENCE - Colombo - October 2016


We are happy to announce that ILG will be represented at the G.A.I.N. conference
held in Colombo from 1.10. till 5.10.2016,


Mrs. Simona KUNOVSKA
Mr. Reinhard SCHWARZ

We are looking forward to meet you there!

ILG-GAIN folder